iConquer 4.0

Conquer the world territory by territory

iConquer is a Risk like game for Mac with a friendly Aqua interface. View full description


  • Aqua design
  • Game and country stats


  • Predictable AIs
  • Can be difficult connecting online


iConquer is a Risk like game for Mac with a friendly Aqua interface.

If you love the strategy turn-based war game, then iConquer is right up your alley. The game pits you against other opponents in your quest to dominate the world, building up your army, winning territories and annihilating others in the process. iConquer is enjoyable to play, thanks to smooth Aqua graphics and simple animations.

The game allows you to play both offline and online. The latter sounds exciting as it pairs up with iChat to allow you to taunt your opponents. However we never managed to connect and find other opponents. If you play offline you'll be pitted against the AI, which we found a little too easy to beat most of the time.

iConquer gives you a number of statistics to look through, including some graphs to see who's on top in terms of victories, armies, income or more. You can also get a detailed listing of who owns which region on the map and how many armies they have.

Even though online play doesn't work and the offline game can be too easy, iConquer is an enjoyable version of Risk with a nice interface.


  • The all-new iConquer 4 features high-definition maps of cities like New York, London and Paris, new AI computer adversaries, full screen mode, play-by-play game messages, heads-up display windows, and much more!

Like Risk, then you'll love this game. iConquer is an addictive game of world conquest, played by 1 to 6 players. The object of the game is to conquer the world by occupying all countries on the map. iConquer uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to simulate formidable adversaries like Napoleon or Stalin.

iConquer comes with six built-in computer personalities to choose from, or you can let the game pick one at random. There's even an option to keep the computer's choice secret, so you don't know what kind of personality you're playing against. And you can download additional player plug-ins within the program.

Network play adds a whole new dimension to iConquer. You and up to five friends can use your Internet connection to play against each other. Each player sees the same map on their screen. You can even iChat with each other!



iConquer 4.0